About us

Hello, my name is Tim Stokes and Porcupine Lagoon is a website dedicated to finding the finest ladies boots, bags and bikinis available. I have searched from Coast to Coast to find the finest products available for you. My goal is to provide you with the best customer service experience possible, if you are having problems please contact me at sales@porcupinelagoon.com.

You may first be asking yourself what kind of name is Porcupine Lagoon.  Quite simply Porcupine comes from the Three Stooges, (Moe calling to Larry, “Hey Porcupine!”).  And lagoon is from a Beatles song, (She came in through the bathroom window).  So Porcupine Lagoon was born from two of my favorite entertainers, the Three Stooges and the Beatles, yes I am a typical guy.

I am originally from Southern California and now reside in South Carolina.  I do miss living in California but it is a lot less expensive here in SC.  For those of you in CA please have an In-N-Out burger, double double animal is my favorite, or some good Mexican food for me, can’t get either in SC!!  Try ordering a Chile Relleno here and you get a slice of chile with hamburger meat on top!!

OK, enough ranting, start shopping and I hope you find everything you need.  Thank you for your business, Tim Stokes, owner.

326 Southport Dr. Summerville, SC. 29483 USA 843-475-3555


Porcupine Lagoon